PRESS RELEASE. Heroes of Arcan aims to create a play-to-earn game that offers players engaging, challenging peer-to-peer strategic gameplay backed by ethical, carbon-neutral blockchain technology.

The play-to-earn revolution has catalyzed global change in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, with over 750,000 individual blockchain wallets now participating in play-to-earn and NFT-based games on a daily basis.

With over $4 billion USD invested in play-to-earn games by Venture Capital over the course of 2021, blockchain-based games that allow players to earn real-world currency by playing to earn NFT-based in games items are becoming the new standard of gaming. Play-to-earn games are empowering gamers with the ability to capitalize on the time and effort they spend in virtual worlds.

The vast majority of play-to-earn games, however, are limited in scope and largely PvE, or player versus environment, rather than placing players in direct competition with one another. Heroes of Arcan, a new WAX-based epic fantasy strategy game, promises to create a new play-to-earn paradigm that allows players to compete with one another for resources and territory within a vivid heroic fantasy universe.

Challenging The “Play-To-Earn” Grind

The fundamental promise of play-to-earn games is to offer gamers the possibility to generate profit from playing — many play-to-earn games, however, are far from accessible to new players. The current NFT-based gaming zeitgeist relies heavily on randomization in minting or generating in-game items.

Many of the most popular play-to-earn games available today operate with significant financial obstacles that can prevent new players from joining or direct players into gameplay loops that are primarily focused on generating profits — not fun.

Heroes of Arcan is actively working to create a robust, player-driven economy backed by deep fantasy lore, offering players strategic resource and territory control gameplay with extensive community features. Rather than cast players into a sterile, statistics-based world of gameplay aimed at minting profitable NFTs, Heroes of Arcan directs players into a living, dynamic heroic fantasy world in which they are able to collaborate and compete with each other.

Heroes of Arcan Launches Players into Play-For-Fun Heroic Fantasy

Heroes of Arcan gameplay focuses on territorial expansion and conflict between three primary factions — the militaristic Conquerers, religious and politically-adept Preachers, and the magic-focused Wiser. Each faction originates from a different continent within the lore of heroes or Arcan, and offers players different advantages. Social features allow players in the same faction to communicate with each other, working collaboratively to achieve faction goals.

At launch, Heroes of Arcan will provide players with the ability to collect resources, create tools, and compete for 10,000 individual land NFTs that provide additional resource bonuses. In traditional RPG fashion, the tools used by players to collect resources can be upgraded, offering higher production output.

In addition to sources and tools, Heroes of Arcan provides players with the ability to collect Heroes, which offer passive bonuses. Each player will possess three active Hero slots that can be used at once. Heroes unlock additional gameplay elements within Heroes of Arcan, such as exploration, random chest-dropped loot, and quest features that can be used to gain additional resources.

Rather than force new players that enter the world of Arcan to compete with players that have established themselves, Heroes of Arcan integrates a horizontal gameplay system that allows new players to play in parallel to existing players without being disadvantaged by unfair game mechanics.

The Heroes of Arcan Player-Driven Economy

Heroes of Arcan allows players to amass power and influence — but also offers a player-driven marketplace that facilitates peer-to-peer trading. Each element within the Heroes of Arcan universe is represented by an NFT on the WAX blockchain, creating a dynamic marketplace powdered by ARCAN — the native token of Heroes of Arcan.

Rather than leave the destiny of the world of Heroes of Arcan in a small, centralized team of developers, Heroes of Arcan operates as a DAO that provides players with the ability to share their voice in the decision-making process that will guide the future development of the platform.

Trades and transactions within the Heroes of Arcan player-to-player market are subject to a variable demand-based tax. This tax, paid into a community wallet, is used to reward Heroes of Arcan of players that stake tokens within the in-game economy and contribute to the Heroes of Arcan DAO.

Overcoming The Ethical Issues of Play-To-Earn

One of the most unique elements of Heroes of Arcan is the integration of WAX blockchain technology. Play-to-earn games are heavily reliant on blockchain transactions to facilitate gameplay, the creation of new in-game items or elements, and player-to-player trades.

Contemporary blockchain networks used to facilitate the operation of many play-to-earn games, however, are highly efficient. The Ethereum network, for example, is highly energy inefficient and incurs a significant carbon cost for every transaction.

By leveraging WAX blockchain technology, Heroes of Arcan is able to offer players the first completely carbon-neutral play-to-earn fantasy strategy game. The WAX blockchain offsets the carbon cost of transactions on the WAX network through carbon offset NFTs, providing players with an ethical means of participating in the play-to-earn revolution.

The Heroes of Arcan Token Sale

Heroes of Arcan is set to launch in Q3 2022, with a public token sale open to early adopters scheduled for Q2 2022. The Heroes of Arcan public token sale will provide players with the opportunity to purchase ARCAN tokens prior to the launch of the first iteration of the game.

9 percent of the total issuance of ARCAN token is reserved for the token sale event. Heroes of Arcan operates with a tokenomic structure that assigns 24 percent of issued tokens to a staking rewards pool, ensuring early adopters and players that stake value within the Heroes of Arcan ecosystem are able to generate passive staking profits.

Further updates to Heroes of Arcan in late 2022 will see the launch of additional features that include territory expansion and control updates, seasonal events, and mini games. More information on the upcoming Heroes of Arcan token sale can be found via: social links




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