Popular commentator and veteran trader Peter Brandt gave advice to Gen Zers on Thursday and said that they should contribute savings to bitcoin and stocks of solid companies. In the same Twitter thread, Brandt noted that “crypto is still unproven,” but also said that those that know him best, know he’s been “bullish for years.”

Peter Brandt’s Advice to the Youth: ‘Avoid Student Debt, Contribute Monthly Savings to Bitcoin’

Peter Brandt has a lot to say on Twitter and he’s not shy about sharing his opinion. Oftentimes, the veteran trader speaks about bitcoin (BTC), giving his perspective about crypto markets and bitcoin’s price corrections.

On Thursday, Brandt had some advice for Gen Zers concerning how they should position themselves in the current economy. “My [advice] to Gen Zers is – Get degree in a field with jobs – Avoid student debt as possible – Secure good job, think about [markets as a] hobby,” Brandt tweeted. The popular commentator further said to his 626,600 Twitter followers:

Buy a home/get married/be frugal -Contribute [monthly] savings to [bitcoin and stocks] of solid companies – & HOLD -Keep buying/hope for cheaper prices.

Brandt continued by adding that getting a “university degree is hugely over-rated.” He said that people entering a skilled trade would be choosing a “very legitimate career path.” Brandt added that he favored rental property and that he preferred “quality stocks” to crypto. “Crypto is still unproven IMO. Avoid 8hitcoins and jpgs. Hope for a bear market so that stocks can be bought cheaply,” Brandt said.

Following Brandt’s statements, one individual asked him: “Since when are you pro-Bitcoin, Peter?” Brandt responded by telling the Twitter user that he’s been optimistic about bitcoin for quite some time now.

“Those who know me best know I’ve been bullish for years,” Brandt replied. “But I try to be honest about charts and the Tweets that trolls remember is when I have commented on the charts when they are sending warning signals.”

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