A new development on Upland will allow you to build your own business in the metaverse, earning tokens and becoming a real entrepreneur. NFT cars are also on the way to join the platform, bringing brand new ways to enjoy the Play-to-Earn experience such as street racing.

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Upland Economy Achieves Strong Performance

Upland is an NFT metaverse mapped to the real world, where players can buy, sell, and trade digital properties using the in-game token UPX. It operates on the Play-to-Earn gaming model, and is available on iOS, Android and the Web. The metaverse reached a number of impressive figures recently, showcasing the strength of its economy.

Since 2021 the number of property owners in Upland reached 252,594 and players have earned over $2.8 million USD. The number of minted NFT assets besides properties (such as explorers, NFLPA legits, Spirit legits, and structure ornament NFTs) reached 905,831 in total, including 20,077 unique NFTs. And the number of properties minted in-game is at 2,883,723.

35,819,364,000 UPX has been purchased during this time as well. And the average daily transaction volume was 107,316,000 UPX.

The Upland property market is also very active, with 5,962 mints per day on the primary market and 6,701 trades per day in secondary market sales. In total there were 2,635,225 transactions in the primary market and 1,983,560 in secondary market sales. You could see that owners have been doing very nicely here, as the average Upland property sold for 3.58 times its original mint price in the secondary market.

Shops and Racing Cars Coming to the Upland Metaverse

The Upland economy is given the opportunity to continue its strong performance into the future, as the developers are adding exciting new features to the metaverse.

One such development is Metaventures – player owned and operated shops within Upland. These will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to create a new economy and make a living for themselves in the metaverse. Each Metaventure owner will have a chance to build their own unique brand to create, manufacture, and sell NFTs, as well as act as a broker on behalf of other players, lend in-game assets, and more. Ten players have already created their own brands and are ready to sell their unique Block Explorers as part of the Beta launch of Metaventures.

An additional exciting development is that NFT cars are coming to Upland! A new transportation system will introduce real-time travel, racing, and car-related business opportunities. Upland even developed its very own car brand, M Motors, that will be introduced in a flagship showroom in Santa Clara, California.

Cars will be used as a means of transportation both between cities and inside them, with some cities only accessible via cars. Players will be able to connect with Ridesharing, which will also support a service economy with the ability to transport cargo within Upland. Racing will be a fully immersive experience, allowing players to compete with each other in both Upland-Sponsored and Player-Generated races (See video below). Players will also be able to operate a variety of new car-related Metaventures such as Showrooms (Dealerships), Body Shops, Racing Academies, and more. Even real world car brands are invited to join the Web3 revolution now via this latest development of Upland.

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