As Ukraine is increasingly relying on crypto donations, its Cyberpolice force has also decided to seek help from the crypto community in the country and abroad. The unit now takes various cryptocurrencies to support law enforcement agencies and acquire essential supplies.

Cyberpolice Ukraine’s Latest Government Body to Solicit Crypto Donations

The Cyberpolice department of the National Police of Ukraine has joined the government in Kyiv and Ukrainian NGOs trying to obtain funding through cryptocurrency amid Russian military invasion. The unit has recently posted an announcement on its website requesting “charitable assistance” in the form of digital coins.

The law enforcement agency has published several crypto addresses and is currently accepting donations in bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), tether (USDT), tron (TRX), polygon (MATIC), and BNB. It says it has launched the initiative in connection with the introduced martial law in Ukraine.

The collected coins will be used to support the National Police, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, and the State Emergency Service. The digital money will also go for the purchase of medicine, other essentials, and to provide medical care for victims of the hostilities with Russia.

“Also, people who want to support Ukraine in this difficult time can connect their mining equipment or part of it to these ethereum and bitcoin wallets,” the department adds in the notice.

The Cyberpolice force is Ukraine’s law enforcement body responsible for combating cybercrime. It has in the past carried out operations against illegal crypto activities but in 2018 it also called for the legalization of cryptocurrencies despite sharing some concerns about them.

Ukraine was in the process of regulating its crypto space when Russia launched its military offensive a week ago. In mid-February, Verkhovna Rada, the country’s legislature, adopted the law “On Virtual Assets” which was expected to enter into force after an update of the Ukrainian Tax Code.

Since the Russian assault, authorities in Kyiv have sought financial support through various channels. The government has been quite successful in its efforts to raise funds via crypto donations and has already received millions in bitcoin, ether, and other currencies like polkadot and dogecoin. Volunteer groups have been funded by cryptocurrency donors as well.

The global crypto community has supported humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, pledged $10 million to help the Ukrainian people and currently facilitates assistance from third parties through a crowdfunding initiative.

You can support Ukrainian families, children, refugees, and displaced people by donating BTC, ETH, and BNB to Binance Charity’s Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund.

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