A hospitality brand from the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Stella Stays, has announced that its clients can now pay for services with cryptocurrencies. Clients can pay with bitcoin, ethereum, and 35 more digital assets.

Stella Stays’ Tilt Towards ‘Futuristic Tech Offerings’

The UAE-based hospitality brand Stella Stays now accepts cryptocurrencies via its e-commerce platform, a report has said. According to the report, the company’s guests can now pay with bitcoin, ethereum, and 35 other cryptocurrencies.

Following the announcement, the company’s CEO and co-founder, Mohannad Zikra, is quoted in one report explaining why Stella Stays has decided to accept digital currencies. He said:

Accepting cryptocurrency payments is a pioneering step for the hospitality industry in the Middle East. Being first to market with this offering gives us an edge as an early adopter. We are excited to offer this advancement into cryptocurrency and deliver a revolution to our digital-savvy customers.

Zikra added that since his company is continuously attempting to offer its customers “the best guest experience” accepting cryptocurrencies marks the beginning of Stella Stays’ tilt towards “futuristic tech offerings.”

Meanwhile, a report by Unlock Media said “14% of guests landing on [Stella Stays’] payment page have clicked on the crypto payment tab.” About 28% of these guests have asked for more information that enables them to complete transactions with crypto payments, the report added.

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