Famous actor Ryan Reynolds says crypto is “emerging as a huge, huge player.” The Hollywood star added that “companies are doing a good job of bringing it into a sort of safer, more mainstream light.”

Ryan Reynolds Sees Crypto as a Huge Player

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds shared his view on cryptocurrency in an interview with Bloomberg Tuesday.

Reynolds is also the chief creative officer of the self-service ad platform MNTN. He claims that his company can give clients Super Bowl-level attention whenever they want.

Regarding cryptocurrency, the actor said: “I think companies are doing a good job of bringing it into a sort of safer, more mainstream light.” He added, “90% of the word ‘crypto’ is ‘crypt’ so I see why certain folks might be put off or intimidated by it.”

Nonetheless, Reynolds said:

I think it’s emerging as a huge, huge player.

He further opined: “It’s been emerging for a long time as a huge player so I’m not super surprised.”

However, Reynolds would not disclose whether he is investing in cryptocurrency. “I don’t really want to comment on that,” the Hollywood actor replied when asked about whether he owns any crypto currently.

Commenting on Super Bowl ads by cryptocurrency companies and celebrities starring in many of them, he said, “I see that as enterprise companies looking to create and carve out space in their zeitgeist.” One of the crypto ads that caught attention at the Super Bowl this weekend was the Coinbase ad which did not feature a celebrity. Reynolds commented: “Sometimes, a great way to do that is to use celebrities. Sometimes a terrible way to do that is to use celebrities … [overall] they seem to be doing some things pretty well.”

The Hollywood actor further shared, “I enjoy the LeBron piece.” LeBron James stars in a commercial for cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com.

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