The crypto space is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s beginning to change major industries around the world. Even with the widespread of crypto, some people still do not have any idea of what it is. According to a survey mabe by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), three in 10 people in the UK can’t correctly identify the definition of cryptocurrency from a selection of possible answers.

The importance of crypto education can’t be overemphasized, with the accelerating growth of crypto adoption, there are key things to be aware of, for example, you need to know how to DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Having a solid foundation in crypto and financial education will help you to understand the evolution of the crypto space.

Financial education is important for every individual to function in their everyday life, ranging from business owners to investors, etc. Business owners need this knowledge to make wise business decisions, likewise investors.

Unfortunately, getting well-structured Crypto information/knowledge online can sometimes lead to a dead end as most of content are not comprehensive and well-structured.

There’s also no process to keep track of ones learning progress and they are not as engaging. Most of these resources are just lengthy and too rigid which bore people out, and they eventually lose interest.

How Dohrnii is Changing The Game

Dohrnii seeks to bridge the gap, using The Dohrnii Academy to support the growth of the crypto industry by giving users access to education and the right tools they need to succeed. The curriculum of the Dohrnii Academy is curated by qualified and seasoned university professors to ensure the quality of education being taught.

The Academy uses a gamified approach in teaching crypto education, which means that there is a user journey, and as a result, makes learning fun, engaging, and rewarding. It’s a learn-to-earn system that rewards users as they progress in their learning, just like play-to-earn games where users earn rewards for playing games.

Dohrnii Academy tracks your progress and strengths, also allowing you to interact with other participants that are learning on the platform. The Crypto Academy provides users with a wealth of information on everything from blockchain basics to economics etc., where you can learn all you need to know about crypto. It has been simplified into a game-like app with proper guidance and follow-up.

It’s quite noticeable that most crypto courses are really expensive to purchase and this limits a lot of people who have an interest in learning. Dohrnii Academy bridges, this inaccessibility, as it is 100% free to learn while you earn!


As the gaming industry is looking to blockchain for opportunities, gamified decentralized learning experiences have already proven effective in delivering crypto knowledge. Marrying these concepts produces a unique experience that can be rewarding too.

By offering comprehensive education in both crypto and finance, Dohrnii is changing the way people learn about these important topics. So if you’re looking for an engaging way to learn about crypto, while earning, Dohrnii is the perfect platform for you to get your crypto journey started.




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