Twitter user Gofortim2 called out to lending platforms to become more transparent and honest on where assets are deployed.

Finblox, a crypto-staking platform backed by Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has paused reward distributions and tightened its withdrawal limits. Following this, community members expressed concerns over their assets, with some calling for transparency and bringing up decentralization.

In a tweet, Finblox announced that the firm is assessing the effects of 3AC’s situation on its liquidity. While the firm does this, it highlighted, Finblox has paused its reward distribution for all of its users and lowered its monthly withdrawal limit to $1,500.

Many of the platform’s users were disappointed with the news, sharing their frustrations about not being able to withdraw their funds. On the other hand, community members started calling out Finblox’s 90% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) offer on staking Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) as unsustainable.

According to Finblox user Terence Lee, he has withdrawn his assets from Finblox during the Terra (LUNA) — which has since been renamed (LUNC) collapse. He noted that it’s becoming more clear that lenders who offer large returns were “taking too much risk.”

In response to the current situation, Twitter user Gofortim2 called out to lending platforms to be more transparent. They tweeted:

Additionally, the Twitter user noted that it may be time for firms to lower their APY rates as it has become an ineffective tool for attracting users now that th are fearing for the safety of their assets.

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On June 16, the CEO of 8 Blocks Capital, Danny Yuan, publicly called out platforms that hold assets owned by 3AC, requesting that the freeze the company’s funds. Yuan claimed that they detected a sum of $1 million missing from their accounts with 3AC.

Meanwhile, a report noted that the firm borrowed Bitcoin (BTC) from lending platform BlockFi and was not able to meet a margin call following the market’s downturn this week. Some even estimate that 3AC has gotten liquidated by $400 million in multiple positions.

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