PRESS RELEASE. Blockbank announced plans to join Coach K’s Conference Experience in donating to charities focusing on social impact. The conference will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand, from May 9th to May 13th, 2022.

Blockbank, an all-in-one mobile banking solution with crypto integration, will partner with Coach K, a thought leader in cryptocurrency investment. Blockbank has helped its users generate managed assets worth more than $100 million while promising a 30% APY in the future. In addition, Coach K insightful advice and coaching produced 100 millionaires in the crypto space in 2021.

Blockbank is on a mission to streamline access to financial technology necessary to invest in cryptocurrency. It combines the best of centralized and decentralized finance with traditional banking to deliver a holistic overview of the crypto industry.

Participation in the Coach K Conference is part of the platform’s concerted efforts to build partnerships in the industry. The mobile solution is in partnership with several innovative organizations, including SKAEL, Xend Finance, Umbrella Network, Shield Finance, Chainlink, etc.

Coach K Conference Experience

The Coach K Conference Experience brings together the brightest minds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. The rarified events provide a great networking opportunity for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, both beginners and seasoned veterans.

The course attendants are drawn from venture capital funds, market makers, influencers, marketers, project leaders, and teams. Attendees can network and build authentic connections with other players in the crypto space for later collaborations.

The conference creates a fun and enabling environment to shore up and polish your knowledge of the crypto space and blockchain technology. The learning sessions are interspersed with tons of fun activities. Some of the fun activities include the world’s largest scavenger hunts, ziplining, team building, yachts, go-karting, helicopters, paintball, and more.

Profound insights into Decentralized Finance

While the soaring Bitcoin prices are always in the news, there’s a lot more happening in the crypto world. The rise of Decentralized Finance (Defi) is all the rage now and is poised to revolutionize the financial sector as we know it.

The upcoming conference brings together the finest minds in the crypto industry under one roof. It presents a rarefied chance to interact with doers and thinkers in the crypto industry. The lineup includes entrepreneurs, asset product managers, tech and infrastructure providers, consultants, and big-name analysts.

Conference attendees will have a chance to build deep insights into decentralized finance and how it’ll bring a creative disruption to make banking more efficient, convenient, and personalized. In addition, they’ll create a considerable understanding of the crypto technology championing these changes and make informed investment decisions.

Future of Financial Services

Decentralized finance is poised to lower the cost of financial transactions, making banking affordable to the unbanked population, currently estimated to be 1.7 billion people. It’ll also avail banking services to millions of underserved businesses. By democratizing asset ownership, DeFi is poised to help diversify asset classes and expand the pool of potential investors by lowering the cost of issuance and exchange.

Decentralized finance will galvanize the finance industry through first and second-order consequences. First-order consequences will entail lowering the transaction fees. The second-order effects revolve around providing more access to finance and increasing the number of frictionless peer-to-peer exchanges.

While traditional banks won’t become obsolete, they’ll be a significant shift in their roles. Instead, they’re likely to morph into gateways between traditional centralized finance and disruptive decentralized finance. The technological revolution will likely create new trading, custody, and staking revenues.

Massive Potential Investment Opportunities

While global wealth is worth about $400 trillion, almost half of it is held in unbankable assets – real estate, art, gemstones, classic cars, music rights, etc. Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to transform these assets into efficient bankable assets.

The technology has the potential to create a massive ($200 trillion) opportunity with a price, liquidity, transparency, and access democratization. Conference participants looking to tap these opportunities can benefit from insights from thought leaders and experts in the crypto and blockchain space. Their seasoned insights may help you develop products to tap into this new asset class.

Profound Social Impacts

Blockbank and Coach K Conference Experience pledge to donate 50% of the sponsorship funds to various social impact initiatives. Also, Blockbank and Coach K will donate half the money raised from the event sponsors to local charities, orphanages, and other communities in need within Thailand.

Orphanages in Thailand have come under increased pressure following the ravaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Reports indicate that more than 5,000 children lost a parent to the deadly virus. The country’s state care homes can only accommodate 1,935 children, while the rest were sent to orphanages. Donating some of the proceeds to these orphanages can help ease the financial burden and improve the quality of life for orphaned children.

Charitable organizations play a crucial role in improving the living conditions of the Thai people and protecting the environment. Donating a portion of the sponsorship proceeds can bolster their efforts.

Some of the conference proceeds will go to charities fighting child trafficking, educating at-risk girls to end the poverty cycle, and fighting global warming. Some of the targeted charities gear toward educating youth in rural areas and helping them to gain core skills and improve career chances.

A portion of the conference sponsorship proceeds will go to communities providing sanctuaries to endangered animals. The additional funds will bolster their efforts to fight the illegal wildlife trade and protect endangered species.

Animal shelters in Thailand are often underfunded, understaffed, and lack the supplies necessary to care for and rehabilitate the animals under their care. They often depend on donors and well-wishers for funding, and the crypto community can step up and lend a helping hand.

About Blockbank

Blockbank is an AI-enabled mobile solution with crypto integration. It combines DeFi and CeFI to provide users with heightened privacy and security while allowing seamless interaction with the crypto industry. The platform aims to consolidate all crypto-related features into an all-in-one solution while enhancing the user experience.

About Coach K

Coach K is a Fund Manager at Alpha Stone Capital and the Co-founder of the Coach K Conference Experience. He’s an acclaimed advisor, mentor, and member of the Crypto Shark Tank.

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