A software developer from Ohio is taking on extra work at DoorDash to grow his stack of Bitcoin.

What did you do in the 2022 bear market, anon? For one Bitcoiner, the opportunity to take on a second job to “stack sats” (buy more Bitcoin (BTC)), was too great. Isaiah, the founder of the Cleveland Bitcoin Meetup, is delivering food to Ohio residents to earn cash on the side.

Isaiah told Cointelegraph “I joined DoorDash 2 years ago. But I only recently started doing it again once the price fell into the 20[K]s.” DoorDash is an American food delivery service (similar to Glovo or Deliveroo), where riders pick up food from restaurants to take to people’s homes. 

Isaiah “originally joined DoorDash to make extra side hustle money,” but he’s now making roughly “36,000 sats per order” ($7) as per this tweet:

For Isaiah, who knows a thing or two about being underwater, thanks to training as an open water diver— the “price levels are too great not to stack more.” Driving for DoorDash compliments his full-time job as a software developer to save more in Bitcoin. He told Cointelegraph:

“When Bitcoin is back above the 200 weeks, I’ll likely stop door dashing and continue stacking Bitcoin with my regular day job. Doordash is just extra sat stacking money for me.”

The price of Bitcoin has languished under the 200-week moving average and the $20,000 price level for weeks.

The Bitcoin price is under the 200wSMA (blue line) and has been since the 13th June. Source: Trading View 

He shares the same view as former congressman Ron Paul, that “Bitcoin is money,” and thanks to its deflationary supply schedule, it’s also a savings technology. Natalie Brunell, the host of Hard Money, shares the same view; Bitcoin can preserve time and wealth: 

“Bitcoin is my money. It’s what I save in (and occasionally spend). Being able to store the value of my labor outside the control of any corporation or government is incredible.”

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As for beating those bear market blues, Isaiah organizes and attends the monthly Bitcoin meetup in Ohio while sharing Bitcoin-related advice for readers:

“For all the people getting caught up in the price. Focus on your Bitcoin stack instead of the fiat price. Seeing the amount of sats you own go up will help keep your mental health better during these rough times.”

Looking after mental health is particularly pertinent. Despite Jim Cramer, who lashed out by saying that crypto has “no value,” here is a Bitcoin meetup held at a wildlife park.

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