Following the federal judge’s decision to give the accused Bitfinex money launderer Heather Morgan permission to “engage in legitimate employment,” Morgan has broken her silence on social media. Morgan’s Twitter account dubbed “Heather ‘Razzlekhan’ Morgan” is verified on Twitter and her latest tweet insists that she does not endorse any crypto or NFT project bearing her name.

Heather Morgan Insists: ‘I Am Not Involved in Any Crypto Project’

On Tuesday, one of the accused Bitfinex bitcoin launderers, Heather Morgan, the wife of Ilya Lichtenstein, tweeted a message to her 24,900 Twitter followers on social media. Morgan and Lichtenstein were arrested last February after U.S. law enforcement announced that it had confiscated 94,636 bitcoin from the duo. At the time of Morgan’s and her husband’s arrest, the bitcoin was worth roughly $4.5 billion and today, the cache of 94,636 BTC is worth $2.03 billion.

Using her Twitter account, Morgan’s tweet is short and sweet and aims to give the public a message. “I am not involved in any crypto project,” Morgan tweeted. “Any crypto or NFT project bearing my name or likeness is a scam that I do not endorse.” That was the only statement Morgan made on Twitter and the last time she tweeted was days before her arrest in February. Morgan was known as ‘Razzlekhan,’ a New York-based street rapper, and a few days before her arrest she shared one of her singles via Spotify called “Bleeding Buckets.”

While Morgan Is Free and Granted Permission to Work, Her Husband Remains in Prison

Morgan’s tweet on Tuesday follows her recent court date when the judge decided she would be allowed to work amid her pre-trial release. Reports also indicated that court prosecutors detailed in a court filing that a “resolution” could take place in order to skip a lengthy trial. Federal prosecutors further accused Morgan and Lichtenstein of attempting to set up “a contingency plan for a life in Ukraine and/or Russia prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.” While Morgan is free on a $3 million bond pending pre-trial negotiations, Lichtenstein remains in jail and was not granted bail.

The couple’s story has seen a lot of media attention since they were arrested, and when their apartment was raided, law enforcement officials claim they found a significant amount of evidence. The duo’s apartment allegedly had burner phones, SIM cards, “two hollowed-out books” with more than $40K in cash, a “substantial amount of foreign currency” and “over 70 one-ounce gold coins.”

Morgan herself had a very vocal online persona when she leveraged her street rapper name “Razzlekhan.” She was also well known for writing columns for Forbes magazine about technology and financial fraud. The streaming media firm Netflix revealed it was going to release a docuseries about the couple. Netflix has been streaming mystery documentaries involving the Quadrigacx saga and this week it is releasing a docuseries covering the life of John McAfee on the run.

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